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    Very few people know to , so that she is why I wanted to make this review about the company, now that I go to Mexico. Is who ? is a public company which is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol MTEX and was founded in 1994, its corporate offices are located in Coppell, TX. in the Dallas metropolitan area. occupies a privileged place in the nutritional segment of the glycobiology and real food technology is a global leader in the distribution of gliconutricionales products; now distributes its line of + 25 products in 17 countries and plans to open 10 markets more in the next 5 years, including 5 countries in Central and South America. Among its products are nutritional lines for family, children, athletes, as well as products for weight control and a line of skin care.

    Some of its products are patented in various countries, being the main Ambrotose. The company was founded by Sam Caster to discover together with his friend Dr. Bill McAnally active ingredient of Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera), to 2010 the emrpesa boasts more than 500,000 partners active buying product month after month and ventgas accumulated by $3.5 billion of dollars. The compensation Plan is a plan unilevel pays up to 44% of total sales and that has its basis in bonds developed, a bridge of incentives quick and aggressive so that its partners earn money fast and collect royalties!

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    Natural stone – precious and costly decoration material, which, nevertheless, has become increasingly popular. Thus, it is one of the most ancient building materials. We select from the variety of natural stone marble and granite as one of the most solid rocks. Granite is one of the hardest rocks. It is highly resistant to dirt and frost.

    Therefore, it is optimal for decoration both indoors and outdoors. In interior of the granite used for the walls, stairs, a table-tops and towers. Granite worktops will fit perfectly into the interior of your kitchen and will add it to his reliability. Marble is used as an outdoor stone cladding and interior design in the form of crushed and ground stone and inlaid stone. Marble chips and crushed sand is used in architecture and construction in the manufacture of stone mosaics and plaster, and also as a concrete aggregate. Nature has created a large variety of shapes, colors and textures of the stone. In addition to marble and granite in the building design, widely spread natural stone. The natural texture and color of the stone, 'artistic mess' joint tiles of irregular shape can get interesting artistic effects in the manufacture of floors in the halls and courtyards. For manufacturing Tiles are applied sedimentary rocks – limestone, sandstone, slate and blue stone. Created by nature boulders and stones are used in landscaping. Today, if you decide to upgrade their homes look, feel the connection times, to organize an interesting interior plastic space, we recommend to discover the magical world of rock!

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    Hearing the name bayramiks do not think that this fairy tale character or a unique drug: this is a new form of decorative plaster simple inhabitant, and a man far removed from the building, it is difficult navigate the modern building materials, especially those used during finishing. Sometimes with a refurbished or decorated rooms, people can not understand what kind of stuff used for decoration. This creates the impression that this is a unique marble or natural stone. Probably the marble slabs can also be used, but in most cases we are talking about new decorative plaster, the appearance of which it is difficult to distinguish from natural finishing materials, while its cost and use of technology available to almost everyone. Scope of such materials applies plaster bayramiks.

    This finishing material has been successfully used practically everywhere: it can be seen in the concert hall and an underground station, small shop and upscale restaurant, a simple apartment and cottage. Plaster bayramiks unique. It consists of marble chips and acrylic polymer. The resulting surface is unique and has no analogues. In this bayramiks can be applied to any surface. Fit and concrete wall and plasterboard. A list of materials can be extended: the plaster can be applied to wood and particleboard, and any other surface.

    It all depends on your imagination and the variety of ideas during the finishing work. Plaster bayrakmiks not only looks great but also has several unique qualities. It can be used throughout our country, and in areas with cold climates, and where in winter there are no negative temperatures. Properties Plaster bayramiks different high strength and freely pass moisture. This coating is environmentally friendly and fire safe.

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    Colored plastic windows used in Ukraine is increasingly popular, while more recently, new windows were exclusively white. Change the color of plastic windows is achieved by laminating pvc profile plastic window film laminating different shades. Laminating colored plastic boxes by applying laminating film on the surface of the finished pvc profile in a special way that ensures the strongest possible connection. Adhesive layer, melted in the process of applying the film connects the surface of lamination film and pvc profiles, forming a homogeneous structure. Plastic stained-glass windows are time-tested, because first laminating pvc profile was produced by rehau in 1982. Since then, colored windows, laminated pvc film, proved to be best: a strong lamination pvc film prevents mechanical damage to the surface of the plastic window, insensitivity to weather (withstand temperature variations from-80 to + 130 C), guaranteed durability and aesthetic appearance of plastic windows (PVC film does not fade in the sun for a long time while maintaining the brightness of colors, and not peel off even the most severe climatic conditions).