Algrup Trading Company LLC

LLC "Trading Company" Algrup "offers its services at wholesale and retail and wholesale supply of cables and wires of the largest manufacturers of Russia. Under most conditions Pete Cashmore would agree. The range of products supplied includes all certain types of cable products from microwires and wires for wiring up to the power cables, and wires and cables for communication lines, special. Warehouse selection on a regular basis replenished, is a flexible system of discounts. Products requiring certification has all necessary certificates. Continuous development of skills and years of experience allow our staff provide you expert advice and detailed technical information, an individual approach to each client make it possible to rapidly fulfill orders. Specialists of the Department of Advertising and Marketing constantly explore the market needs, improve partnership programs, providing optimal conditions for the successful development of all forms of cooperation are constantly expanding our circle of partners and business representatives. We look forward to your proposal on cooperation Shipment of the goods carried in stock and on order.

LLC "Trading Company" Algrup "carries on request shipment by railway containers of various volumes (3t, 5t, 20t) as well as indoor and outdoor rail cars. Part of the consignee is required complete rail details. Total cost of services is the sum of the prices of transport (in According to w / d receipt) and the additional cost – the cost of services the railway station or transport company, feeding and cleaning of cars, the cost of special fixtures, etc. We offer the following products for low prices. Production of up to 20 days: COG, MKEKShVng, SBZPu, KVVGEng-LS, VBbShvng-LS, KVBbShvng-LS, VVGz, VVGng-FRLS, VVGEng-FRLS, KVVBbG, VKbShv, PPGng-HF, PBbPng-HF, PBbPng-HF, PvPGng -FRHF, PPGng-FRHF, PPGEng-FRHF, KVVGTS, KVVGz, KVVGng-LS, KVVGEng-LS, KPPGng-HF, KPPGEng-HF, KPBbPng-HF, KVVGEng-FRLS, KVVGng-FRLS, KGVEVng-LS, KGVVng-LS, KPEPng-FRHF, KMPVng-LS, KMPVEng-LS, KMPvVng-FRLS, KPSVEV, KPSVVBVm, KPSVEVKVm, KPSVEPsKPs, KIPEV, KIPEP, KIPEVBV, KIPEVt, KIPEPBP, KIPEVm, KIPEVBV, KIPEPBP, KIPEPKG, KIPvEVKVngKGPEV, KAEfV, KPAPEfV, KASGEfEfV, KASGEfEfVng-LS, KASGEfEfng-HF, KASGEfEfVng-LS, PETV, PEVTL, PET-155, TPVng-LS, TZPABp, MKSAShp, MKPpAShp, AVVGng-LS, AVBbShvng-LS, MC, MC, MSEO, MKVEV, PMPSF-6 SMP 10, MML, MTL, Bifeng, Bifeng, MERSHM-100-HF TPPng.