Award-winning Design At Its Finest:

The new sauna pure by KLAFS receives the iF Gold Award Schwabisch Hall in March 2010. On March 02, 2010 – for the first time a sauna was awarded the prestigious iF product design award in gold. The award-winning designer pieces, the sauna pure by KLAFS, thus in the Olympus of international designLeistungen advance: as one of only about 50 products the pure is one of the best of the best of originally nearly 2,500 submissions from 39 countries. The sauna pure – presented for the first time in October 2009 public – standards in form and precision, and impressed the judges with their maximum material consistency and quality. Visually, especially the straight layered interior by fine, precisely processed rods made of high-quality hemlock fascinated. Outside the sauna shines fresh pure in new, trendy exterior in a variation of white high-gloss lacquer.

As well as in the multiple award-winning sauna creation Ventano and Proteo, the design by the renowned is also used for the pure Henssler & Schultheiss designer team. Since March 2, the award-winning sauna for six months in the iF product design award exhibition 2010 at the former Expo site in Hanover will be presented approximately 250,000 international visitors..