Dvd Printers

On this occasion will continue with a subject of a previous article, whose subject was the Duplicators CD and DVD Duplicators since besides that CD or DVD duplication process, where the data is physically stored, we also have another no less important aspect discussed on this occasion, for the recording of a design on the cover of a CD or DVDthrough what is known as printers CD or DVD Printers CD and DVD – CD or DVD printers printers are aimed at direct printing on compact discs (CD s or DVD s), allowing customized CDs, printing an image of great quality about them. And above all we have to do the main differentiation between them, and it is that there are several types of CD printers, but the most popular are: those that use a thermal transfer technology to bond the ink to the surface of the CD / DVD. The impression that performs this type of printer is totally dry and indelible and not could alter the data on the disk, which makes it very safe. You can also find CD printers that use inkjet technology. In this case, as the impression is aqueous-based, apply a protective layer of lacquer spray to protect disc splashing that may damage the impression. In both cases, printers can work with a single color (black) or with several colors, mixing the range of primary colors (cyan, magenta and yellow) to get the desired color. Like a conventional paper, in the case of CD printers printer / DVD colour, each tone will have an individual ink cartridge.

Therefore, any of these two printers CD / DVD gives its users ample possibilities to create and design your own CD / DVD, incorporating text, images or logos that you wish to print on the surface of the CD.