EMV-compliant PCB Design

Manufacturers of electronic equipment are exposed to international competition with an increasing cost pressure. Therefore, the use of any additional EMC filter is weighed carefully in the product. EMV-compliant PCB design can reduce the expense for additional protection components significantly. The processing speed of the data and thus the slope of the signals is increasing, so does the proportion of high frequencies in the electromagnetic emission. For many devices Speakers weight, or cost. However, ensure compliance with the limits of interference by shielding.

Here, too, will help EMC-compliant PCB design. To prevent the spread of the incident, still proved the old rule “Suppressors at source”. Since most of the emission sources are located on the PCB, EMC measures are directly in the design. For the realization of an EMC-compliant PCB, the following steps are important: * Early definition of the EMC requirement for the Unit (complete) and to the assembly * Analysis of the coupling paths on the board and the radiation paths from the board in the device environment (possibly with simulation details) * Due to the quantitative description of the coupling and radiation paths, the EMC-related rules for the board design * After creating a design review of the design derive perform, to review the compliance with design rules are evaluated and deviations are present * Once prototypes, carry out a Pre-compliance EMC measurements on the board. * Feedback on the EMC performance of the module in the device (complete) * evaluate lessons learned for next project, if not the manufacturer or developer of an electronic device has the necessary know-how, if necessary, can have a good and capable EMC laboratory appropriate EMC advice be obtained.