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Music download supports financing of the new clinic building – worldwide digital distribution for “Desires are strong” – the Berlin digital music distribution supports music download financing of the clinic building and content aggregator recordJet announces a partnership with the children’s rehabilitation hospital Berlin-Brandenburg for cardiac and cancer-stricken children and young people and their families. recordJet clinic – with the acquisition of all costs and charges for worldwide digital sales of the song “Desires are strong” supports the campaign – action strong children. The song was written by singer Henriette Groth and the composer Brigitte G. E. Puzalowski in collaboration with producer Michael Hansen and recorded. RecordJet 100% will give the entire proceeds from the sale of the song at the children’s rehabilitation hospital. More than 1,000 children, cardiac and cancer could be helped since the opening of the nonprofit children’s aftercare clinic in March 2009. With the music campaign, the new project of the nonprofit clinic with a should in the East sick children and young people and their families be financed Germany’s unique treatment concept for heavy.

recordJet brings the songs in iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and the major stores and Streamingplattformen worldwide. With the purchase of the song, supporters and all interested persons can help to give a new home for the follow-up the cardiac and cancer children and adolescents and their families. “The support of the new construction project through donations is even more important because the new building not publicly supported by rehabilitation facilities through the States. As for the financing of the new building of the children’s rehabilitation hospital, every penny counts Berlin-Brandenburg, we are very happy that we could win a digital distribution to the collaboration with recordJet, by default pays out 100% of the proceeds from sales”, Anja Klinnert, Assistant to Managing Director of the non-profit children’s aftercare clinic reported. “As the children’s Hospital proposed a cooperation to us, we have Rights to cede. Versatile additional services, such as physical distribution in over 500 stores, CD pressing and professional promotion make recordJet a full-service. The company was founded in 2008, to open a new sales opportunity for the German music market is also attractive to unknown musicians and small labels. In April 2010, initially went for the German-speaking countries recordJet online and continuously extended the offer.