Today, sites need very many, ranging from large companies to individual entrepreneurs, kindergartens, sports schools. Many have already realized that the ability to create Web sites, today we can make good money. After all, even for creating a very simple small website with no effects and use the database, you can easily request from 5000 rubles. And then another to take money from the customer on a monthly basis for support of this site. If your Arsenal will be technologies such as php, MySQL, JavScript and jQuery, then before you open the door to the sites for which you can ask and 20000 and 50000 rubles.

Moreover, your customers will understand that it's worth it, and it's an adequate price. For them, it will simply something incredible. Nice menu, web 2.0 form an unimaginable number of effects, blocks of information that are working without rebooting, smooth appearance and disappearance of the elements of the website. But most importantly, perhaps, is fair price for quality work. Just think about it.