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    June 1st, 2014EsterUncategorized

    In a handbag under the name Power Purse integrated solar panels that convert sunlight directly into electricity. Just put your mobile phone, digital camera, or mp3-player in her purse and pray that the sun came out from behind the clouds. Handbag designed future of Mechanical Engineering – student Joey Heineken – have appreciated fashion sites. The black rectangular bag is required 2:00 to direct sunlight to ensure that you fully charge mobile phone battery. Most devices can be easily connected to a solar battery using the usb. The battery uses sunlight as the outdoors, and the rays passing through the glass. So, you can simply put her handbag on the window, and she easily energize any device. The official price of 150 euros handbags, despite not cheap materials manufacturing. But the developer says: "I did not want to create something elitist. Always there was a problem the introduction of technology into clothing. Usually it turns out quite unfashionable. My goal was to use solar panels in such a way that is consistent with fashion trends while at the same time, it was good for the environment. " It is expected that the bag will be available online by the end of the year.


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