When placing an apartment or home, many want to novelty and individuality. Mashable contains valuable tech resources. This can help mosaics – panels, which will add uniqueness and originality to any room. Mosaic with the Italian language, word for word translated as "dedicated to the Muses." It represents a pattern or image, made from different or similar particles. She decorated the interior, starting from the third century BC. Usually it is framed doors rich and noble inhabitants of ancient Egypt, as is well known mosaic of glazes and semi-precious stone in the Byzantine Empire. Ancient Mosaic began with a simple, laid shingles, patterns, and later it turned into a complex black and white or color exquisite composition. In the Byzantine mosaics were popular in the beautiful ethereal cathedral's interior. The famous Ravenna mosaic had a unique shimmering surface, and gold backgrounds make the space of the temple rich.

Particular depth of color and imagery differed Latent Mosaic Church Sophia in Constantinople. Mosaic in ancient Rome used to design buildings and structures, materials served as smalt and cubes of stone. Florentine mosaic appeared in the twelfth century, totally independent from the ancient technology, it has been borrowed from popular at the time the furniture industry. In those days it was furniture was indication of prosperity and wealth. Then working mainly with jasper and marble, they are easy to process and have a beautiful picture. At the same time began to be used in the mosaic floor decoration, colorful plate densely fitted to each other, forming a single carpet.

In Russia, the mosaic is associated with the great figures of Russian science, Lomonosov. He revived smaltovuyu technique and invented a method of obtaining high-density non-transparent color glass. This made it possible to use semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli, malachite, turquoise. Now the use of mosaics in the interior gives a special charm and polish. When ordering, mosaics – panels, it is important to remember that its process is extremely time-consuming and laborious, so it's important to appeal to specialized firms. And when the upgrade rooms selected mosaics – panels, you should remember a few rules. Mosaic – a picture, typed of a mosaic of regular shape. Art panels – is the product of a mosaic of art, it is made of chopped or cut mosaics (glass, glazes, stone), usually custom-made. There special panels of marble, slate, granite. Modern firms – manufacturers will be able to fulfill an order from virtually any natural stone. Panels of the mosaic can be used in any room, it can be like a living room, and a bedroom. Extremely advantageous to look is a work of art in the bathroom. After manufacturing a panel, you should pay attention to quality installation, it should be done only by experts, preferably for overseeing the designer created a panel. Mosaics in the interior – it's a new hit in the design. It is durable, easy to clean and extremely beautiful.