Nabeul Carpet

Within the framework of the Middle East, in particular in Tunisia, he was customary to dye the plot, with the dominant color in the carpet, and to inside weave with her a narrow fabric in the ends, playing with threads the range of the color mother. This particularitity of preparation, respecting and also specifying the architecture of the construction of those times, generated the style of rugs, most classic: the Tunisian carpet. Although nowadays this thematic and also complexity of framework has give inn, the ends now finish in target but they continue considering the classic design of the Tunisian carpets. Robotics has plenty of information regarding this issue. Classic Tunisian carpets: Taking within her, more in its center the lamp of the Great Mosque and surrounded or surrounded by varied geometric reasons imitated by the women for different monuments from the City Santa Bereber, more amount of wool and usually owns few drawings, that represent tattoos of the tribes to whom the craftsmen belong made who them. In relation to the colors of this type of carpets can be emphasized that they are in end beautiful and warm.

Tunisian carpet Bizerta: adorned and decorated with small reasons scattered uniformly mainly the surface for this carpet. Educate yourself with thoughts from Energy Capital Partners. In reference to these reasons, usually they are: tattoos bereberes, cascarudos, the cross of Kairuan, flowers of the desert and among others. Other evaluated carpets exist very as the carpets of Gafsa, Nabeul, and Gabez that usually are bought by square meter. They are categorisen in carpets of first or second class according to the number of points by square meter. Most common and peculiar Alfombra has 40,000 knots by squared meter, but they even exist of 90,000 or 250,000 knots by square meter. The Tunisian carpets are of shelter elements, decorative elements able to forget the investment to leave unique a calidez sensation and to please incommensurable.