Reinstall Windows

I propose the following solution (I think 97% have read do not even know what I'll write). The solution is to reinstall the operating system as soon as it gets 'dirty'. With my solution, rearrangement of the system is maximum of five minutes. Welcome Windows XP operating system the user's account. What you need: The paper handle Windows StartUp Disk Norton Symantec Ghost (or similar software) Windows Installation Disk (the very same version that you use) First of all, I would like to say that the work will be much easier if you have a computer more than one disk (no matter how physically or Partition). If it is not, but you really want to make a partition just two – do not despair, Partition Magick splits into two without the need to wash anything. With everything listed below assume that you have a second disk or another Partition.

His version of Ghost, we set and copy the master files (ghost.exe, nothing more ought such) on another disk. Thus, take a piece of paper and a pen. And write down: All the programs that should be on a fresh installation (that is, everything that you use in your everyday life). All the most important thing you need to configure and customize (dat files to icq, configure Dial-Up, etc.) After that, erase everything from the main drive (format the view) and start installing Windows system. Set up carefully and accurately, in the way of configuring everything possible and necessary. After installation, the first thing we establish all necessary for the drivers (for example, for me it is: Graphics Card, Sound Card, TV Card, Modem, Printer drivers, Digital Camera drivers,), and then install the patches and updates (I advise to pump all the most important patches from Microsoft and put on the second diskpartition).