Roller Shutters

Twisting the blade probably from the bottom up (box above) or above down (box below). The design of roller shutters has conquered the world with their practicality, functionality and design. By analogy, were born roller shutters and blinds. Roller blinds – this rag screens, wound on pipe, located above the opening. Blinds – roller blinds are the same, but with side rails, prevents twisting of leaf on each side.

Blinds are able to provide 100% shading, as well as shutters. Huge selection of fabrics density and coloring can beautify any interior and satisfy the most sophisticated desires. At the end of the twentieth century, there is a new type of blinds – Pliss (from the French plisse – folds). Pleated blinds are designed for non-standard openings – semicircular, trapezoidal, as well as for roof windows and conservatories. Management, pleated like horizontal blinds, with a cord, pleated fold into tight folds (accordion) and become virtually invisible to against the window.

Another type of sunscreen products – sun. Awnings – a Bimini top for protection from sun, wind and rain to be placed over windows or a terrace. In the xv century, the Marquis Francisco Borgia ordered to equip the Bimini top your patio to his favorite 12-year-old Adelgeyda Badoglio was able to maintain its lofty paleness in the warm Italian sun. In honor of the Marquis Francisco Borgia, these tents and got their name – sun. Awnings find more and more popular, like aristocrats, aspiring to chic and comfort, and a traders closed their stalls from the scorching sun and rain. Modern marquees changed from normal tissue in the canopy high-tech design. The latest generation of the Marquis is a mix of different sunscreen products: they are metal rolled into a roll of cloth, like shutters and sliding svetoreguliruyuschie slats like shutters. To date, Sun protection products are used everywhere. We are constantly striving to surround themselves with things that give us security, comfort and convenience. Thanks to modern advances in science and technology, management of all types of sunscreen products are completely automated. Sensors wind, rain, light and motion allow all types of sunscreen products on their own to respond to any changes in weather conditions and do not require your intervention. Vetoy article, we give you a brief description of the basic types of sunscreen products. More information can be found on our website.