Room For Family Of Four

Man amazing creature, on the one hand, he can not live without a community of other people, but on the other hand, all the time he is suffering from this neighborhood. Each of us is unique, each of us a person – and this must be taken into discounted. Peter Asaro has many thoughts on the issue. Recently, read here is a sad statistics of the main causes of divorce in Russia – a 51% alcoholism, 41% – a complex housing problem, and only 8% – poverty. Represent 41% of divorce because of tightness! There is no possibility retire, there is an internal discomfort, which accumulates and results in irritation, as they say, level ground. Viacom understands that this is vital information. As often happens when the “couples” is available for loved ones, only because they were in wrong place, at the wrong hour. And how can there be for another, when the room alone When planning the interior a small apartment, one must take into account many factors, but the basic is to create a personal space for each member family.

It is believed that private space, for which no one can cross without the permission of the owner – is arm’s length around the body. However, for real life, a person must territory still are greater. How to make your house a little convenient for all family members? How to unload an apartment from the furniture and at the same time, all place? The task is complicated when the family lived in a studio apartment. So, if you have a small studio ” or parents gave you a room for your young and growing family, this list is for you. Here you’ll find practical advice on how a room equipped with living room, bedroom and nursery for two children. Today we look at this room: an area of 15 m2. Rectangular room – 3 meters in width and 5 in length, four living: father, mother, two children. Let’s start.

We will divide the room into four zones: a bedroom for adults, living room for entertaining and two individual places for children. Well we will solve a number of important tasks: 1. ensure a comfortable and healthy night’s rest for every family member at the same time: a. do not clutter the space; b. we consider that is better for you and your baby: sleep on mattresses, which support the spine while sleeping in the correct position and allow him to avoid distortion; c. every child a place for games or occupations; 2. room should be safe for the games and put in order to be her very quickly and easily, 3. room should be bright and spacious (at least visually!) to children in her was nice and helpful to grow 4. room must still perform the function room for receptions.