Second Goodbye Walter Bonatti

Walter Bonatti dismissed yesterday in the world for the second time. He did so at his home in Rome, away from your first goodbye. That was in 1965 when, after climbing the north face of the Matterhorn, Hung crampons and ice axes on top of his art. He was 35 years old, it had climbed everything, even those challenges reserved for future generations. He was a genius of mountaineering and plenty more than that. Among other many virtues, embodied the pure mountaineering, alpinism incorruptible. There are those that they admire the Bonatti, that he could with the Pilar southwest of the Dru in 1955 and with Gasherbrum IV, three years later; There are those who admire them because he was the man who made the impossible to save his six colleagues on the South face of Mont Blanc, retiring from the Pilar de el Freney in a horrible for survival fight. But if it is worth to admire something in Walter Bonatti (Italy, 1930-2011) is its extraordinary spirit of adventure and your enormous culture, value that allowed him to move skin when the Mountaineer was consumed. Source of the news:: the second goodbye Walter Bonatti