Sony Reader PRS

EBook Reader for visually impaired people. Facing the increasing ageing of the population of barrier-free access becomes increasingly important information and literature. The latest eBook reader this offer good ways to optimize articles, texts and personal information for the visually impaired that the Visual impairment does not detract from more at the eReading. Thalia and co rapidly to its limits meets with the abundance of digital eBooks of the provider of Amazon, the older formats of audio-based DAISY player. I needed a new offer, and quickly the trend of mobile devices, such as Tablet PCs and eBook reader with its virtually unlimited possibilities for an interesting option for a well-funded target group has evolved. But not every eBook reader complies with the technical conditions required. A personal purchase decision requires the consideration of numerous features, started at the screen and the user guide, the keyboard as well as read and operating AIDS.

To just for people with to let potential fear of contact with the new information carriers do not come on a reduced Visual acuity, an easy-to-use entry-level model with a display size of at least six inches, even better seven inches, should be chosen depending on the degree of Visual impairment. A display in landscape mode for an optimal text enlargement would be an important criterion in a long-term use if can continue the vision. Most devices have energy-saving E-Ink displays, which allow a glare-free reading. Also the continuous adjustment of the brightness of the display is useful for users and to obtain a must to get a perfect reading sense. Equally important are the font contrast and an inverse representation (white characters on black background). The trend of many providers to smaller buttons can be a big problem for the visually impaired.

The barrier-free simplifies a control of the size of the font as well as a clearly sensible boundary between the buttons Operation of the eBook reader. In the best case, the eBook reader should have a singular to use Bookmark button. Who has come in to enjoy audiobooks can play this on some eBook readers. Also can text to speech function and an audio output in combination with headphones to read ePapers or eBooks are used. Here, it would be even possible to use the eBook reader in the future only still auditive. Appropriate investments in the expansion of language and user friendly applications are installed from well known manufacturers on the way and it is expected that digital, barrier-free access to current information from society, politics, and literature for all social groups will open further.