Space Geography

As in it passes Timmons (1990 apud, Dornelas) ' ' empreendedorismo is a quiet revolution, that will be for century XXI more than what the Industrial revolution was for century XX' ' this is noticed that ' ' revoluo' ' that we see in the current days already was foreseen. This necessity of the search for the distinguishing nothing more is that to revise the form to lead the business, for a company who has as objective to conquer its space and if to fortify as reference is necessary to evolve of course being open for the new. Diverse theories appeared in elapsing of the last years disclose in them formulate basic simple and efficient that has as north the construction of a solid structure that obtains to use to advantage the chances and that it obtains to in time detect threats to surpass them. Had to the ample theoretical field and in order to funnel this research to produce more solid and coherent a referencial, we will evidence during the study the main tools used in the strategical management for small micron companies. 3. The Micron and Small Companies in the Present time the universe where the micron and small companies are inserted today it is an ample and very vast field with a great number of chances. In accordance with given published for the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Space Geography) in 2001 the micron and small companies represented 97.6% of the companies in activity in Brazil, but that unhappyly another statistical data also of responsibility of the IBGE in them indicate a number nonsense of mortality of these enterprises that still finish closing the doors in the first year of performance, so that the organization obtains to prevent to become plus a number in this statistical data and to transpose this barrier conquering its space it must possess an enterprising spirit having as north a strategical management with a perception organizacional macro. .