Stress Balance: Body Fit And Healthy Keep

If a healthy balance of stress is no longer available, responds the body driving stress us with exhaustion and disease, stress is important. If there is no longer a healthy balance of stress, the body reacts with exhaustion and disease. Dr. If you have read about Kai-Fu Lee already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Sabine Schonert Hancock is an expert in stress management for 20 years and said patients and the Internet health portal why stress is important and how you can restore his personal stress balance. Part 1: The body healthy and keep maintenance and care a matter of course for the owner of the body isn’t fit for any car owner. \”Hence, ensure that your body is optimally tuned\” is.

This is the basis for the stability of your stress, so for performance, concentration and mood. Do your homework. Today, stress researchers assume that half of the stress symptoms immediately forswears if we would mind only the instructions properly for our body. Move regularly: Three times a week at least half an hour on the bike, the exercise bike, walking, jogging or swimming. Not even in front of the TV on the spot run! Main thing, move out of the power of the large muscles of the leg and bring the heart and circulatory system on a pulse of about 130. You should get out of breath and be fit after exercise and fresh! Prefer something shorter, but for a regular train.

Endurance sports makes beautiful, happy, slim and healthy! The magnified on release of stress hormones is brought back into balance. Neurotransmitters are released in the brain for positive feelings and spreads a pleasant relaxation in body and soul. And the best part: this reassurance of stress hormones is trainable. Who regularly drives sport, is stress-resistant. Sleep and positive thoughts to compensate for stress sleep at least seven hours: sleep is the most important means to body, to bring soul and spirit back into balance.