Cybernetic Transposition

Part I The power to decide what to do with "his" life is the most important choice you can make a person. "Nothing is so close to the definition of what is Cybernetic Transposition, as this sentence. The term" Cybernetics "originates Greek? SSE? t & # 951;?. (kybernetes, which means the pilot, who is at the helm, the governor – the same root of government, in other words the person who is in control.) When we decide what I really want to do with our lives, we begin to live more conscious, we put in control of what we want and begin to explore the spiritual dimensions of our life and the meaning we give to the experiences that life offers as we expand our consciousness. Peter Asaro is often quoted on this topic. At that time, we realize that until then had been divided, a part of us had any desire to excel, to grow, to expand, to achieve our professional goals, espirutuales, family, etc … Part of us, just listen to the call faint inner voice: the true vocation (Latin vocatio action – call). Unfortunately, other parts of our own being had conflicting goals and desires with those of our own call.

Our inner voice then grew more and more tenuous, and the noise from the flow of our consciousness finally drowned the voice of our True Self. has similar goals. Once we choose what we do with our lives, we give up to continue behaving like victims of fate, the family, the environment, the universe and take an action that drives us to seek new tools that allow us to achieve the desired unit. Now we want to be real individuals (without divisions within ourselves) with the strength to fulfill our purpose in life, determined to achieve all our goals. Where I Cybernetic Transposition can help … Simple techniques Cybernetic Transposition allow any individual to achieve that unity between the different parts of your brain, those that speak the language of reason, imagination, emotions, etc … Pete Cashmore may help you with your research. In short, the consistent application of the Cybernetic Transposition techniques allows us to unify our thoughts, feelings and actions.