What Implies to buy Particle counters nowadays? Without a doubt that to give to an important step in Innovation and Technological Management but is only the first step, the objective of the implementation of this technology would seem to be the data acquisition that says the condition to us of oils, vital element in oleohydraulic systems of lubrication and, part and fundamental component of the equipment and machines of productive processes, but also it is the beginning. The experience shows day to us day that " a set of datos" he is only that, also the studies show to us that we can add value to this set, we can model them, process them and transform this set into management facilitators we can process, them, with the aid of digital systems, and take them to the status of SIR Sistemas de Excellent Informacin. If we have a greater commitment with the use and operation of these technologies we can nowadays generate knowledge the one that allows not only to model but still more to simulate a situation and to have tools predictive for the case of possible events, the decision making no longer is not only responsibility of the head or the executive, either of the interpretation of the information but of the reading that gives a System of Particle Count like instrument of Predictive Symptomatic Analysis with Preactivas tools like the tendency analysis. Nowadays the Particle counter is an instrument more, a System of Particle Count is a management tool. Not in vain international organizations have assigned to codes of contamination or cleaning to parts, components, devices, equipment, actuators, etc. Codes that are tabs according to levels of amount of present solid particles in the oils, that participate like transmitters of power and/or lubricants. Codes that after one decade of culture of the contamination, the monitoring of the condition, the continuous improvement and as summarize of Engineering in Maintenance today is substantial fraction of the knowledge of all specialist in mantencin.