Public Policy

Races should be approved practice to prevent the proliferation of traditional administration, economics, industrial relations, some engineering, what they do is to increase unemployment, given that there are too many graduates and little demand. By the same author: Andy Florance. The CNU should restructure their systems of evaluation and approval of new courses, those institutions that are presented with the aspiration to be new universities, so that only approved the country needs and that benefits their development. It should be more focused and effective in determining the necessary steps to adopt the birth of a new college and careers to teach. It is necessary to assess what are the professionals that the country is demanding, careers necessary, the required graduate and above all to encourage more research, their participation towards the resolution of social, cultural, technical and productive. The State can not continue to waste human capital that universities who subsidizes, use this potential benefit of all, secure jobs to take advantage, avoiding the brain drain as it currently is taking place, what more worrying what the cost. State must become more integrated with the universities through its programs of economic, social, technological, health products, make them more participatory, used in accordance with its objectives, plans. It should be:? Strengthen effective technical cooperation in the field of Public Policy and Linking Practice-University-Government Sector Productive? Increase and enhance collaboration processes of universities in the state in those plans that can provide, proposals, models that will encourage development in many plans. Universities do more proactive participation of the new plans for opening the national government has initiated in terms of development, economic activity, health. Spread the potential and entrepreneurial skills and production in the region of the country they belong to the universities, especially public ones, in order to generate cross-linking projects University-Industry-State? Establish genuine strategic alliances with complementary state agencies, academic institutions and scientific / technological capabilities to improve Venezuela in the process of internationalization of higher education more than ever, must be given a closer connection, proactive state with universities, especially when Venezuela aims to develop in the MERCOSUR, as well it will contribute to strengthening the internationalization process and specifically the academic integration in the MERCOSUR and the consolidation of regional networks in this space. Also expected, as some have said, that the State be more open in terms of a more favorable relationship with the universities are obtained, design and implement good practices for the promotion and strategic positioning of the region, especially in Internationalization regarding higher education and university-business-state thus contributing to the vision of an area conducive for socio-productive and Innovation.