The Design

For each journey, the passenger so must the Carrier a TAN number for the use of mobility aids share he signs”to the document. He keeps secret the list itself. The Clou: Through the use of an online system the TAN numbers via mobile phone from the carrier can be enter. There is a spontaneous trip, the Dispatcher calls on a special Internet page of DMRZ with his cell phone there bears the TAN number he previously got called by the passenger, and logs the mobility aid drive. Municipalities municipalities save money for planning and accounting of mobility aids settlement mobility helps save money through the use of the DMRZ system Ontrabio, because the infrastructure is already in place and also no license fees.

Ontrabio can both of the transportation, patients and local communities simply and safely in the browser used (retrieval of data for mobility aid is granted). Even on mobile devices Ontrabio is free of licensing costs for the organisation of mobility aids take advantage of. Who wants to learn more about the DMRZ system, you will get ontrabio more information about the use and implementation of mobility aids under the Internet address. We live in a mobile society background knowledge about mobility aids for disabled people. The degree of personal autonomy and independence measures today to a large extent on the mobility of the individual.

People with disabilities also have the desire to be mobile, to meet this need, the Mobilitashilfen in life were called. The participation in the social and cultural life is often restricted to this group of people. Due to nature and severity of their disability, the use of public passenger transport (oPNV) is not or not always possible (and right here is the mobility aid). Numerous urban and rural districts offer therefore a transport service within the framework of the mobility aid for severely handicapped people, to ensure their participation – at least at close – range. The Design of such mobility offer varies from municipality to municipality. Both the number of social trips of mobility aids, the driving radius of mobility aids, the amount of the contribution to the mobility aids or conditions of participation to achieve the mobility aids as well as the available transport services vehicles to the implementation of the mobility aid and the invoicing depend on regional factors, in particular the degree of accessibility of public transport is crucial.