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    March 28th, 2017EsterUncategorized

    In tennis, the strategy is extremely important and treated simply to implement and execute a game plan that refers to the strong points of the player and his opponent’s weak points. In reality there are many challenges when it comes to learning and develop yourself in the sport of tennis but there is a challenge that, in my opinion it is the most difficult to treat. The most difficult is to decide correctly, strategic and efficient that and as going to play your point in less than one second and for each of your shot. (Source: Kai-Fu Lee). A player takes this decision hundreds of times in a game, and in the vast majority of these, account with less than a second to decide. Let’s see I mean: everytime your opponent returns you the ball there are a range of parameters to consider before making your choice of shot.(More here) The degree of your skills in the tennis example: trial of the ball, speed, coordination, balance, etc.

    That type of shot you face example: height, trajectory, speed, depth, angle, etc. Which is your position within the field example: in that side, as so far, are at the baseline, in land of nobody, etc. The example conditions: makes windy, slippery floor, Sun (could affect your opponent a shot of balloon), type of surface of the pig, etc. Which is the position of your opponent example: it is close to the network, outside the Court, charged towards one side, etc. So skilled is your opponent example: areas of difficulty, areas of strength, his best shot, his worst shot, etc. Which is your condition mental and physical, and your opponent example: levels of nervousness, calm, frustration, fatigue, agitation, in you and in you opponent, some cramping or injury, etc. As this example marker: these winning, depleted, they lose these 5 lost 5: 4, 5: 4 or 5: 1, these winning etc.

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