The Intelligent Business System

This article aims to explain in brief some of the most important aspects to consider Business Intelligence System, created by Hannibal Amparano Basurto. This is considering that the smart business or organization is a concept and theme that has been treated by many authors, however, adding the above is much more comprehensive, because it remains at the conceptual level as noted in other cases, however, presents approaches that are working tools for the entrepreneur is able to meet the fierce competition to be faced and overcome in the current Knowledge Age. definitions and basic features Intelligent Business System (SEI) is an organizational system designed to “achieve full and continuous satisfaction of present and future needs of the client, through the consolidation of value added and create value by their colleagues and leaders in the substantive activities of the company, using his intelligence and his art thus achieving market leadership in the same and sustainable contribution to the country … Additional information at Pete Cashmore supports this article. Human Capital. ” Even when it comes to the company and this is associated with the idea of organization of individuals that produce and / or sell goods or services it is important to note that all Basurto approaches are also applicable to public organizations. The SEI is presented as a real alternative, raised as a complete organizational system, with the following characteristics: It has a strong philosophy centered on human values and dignity of the person, persons-Form Solution to society naturally generates the free person, the intrapreneur, taking over the management fundamentalism, that is, the return to basics: the customer, people and innovation; Convert Mission-Vision, Philosophy and Values in powerful tools for the enterprise power and is takes its providential force of leadership, knowledge as the main asset, through self-learning and continuous learning of individuals, is made tangible in the development of intellectual capital of all members of the company at the heart of the Vision, Promotes operational structure that works for complete customer-facing processes external to an internal client basis, taking the activity in the foreground and authority in seconds, is a fundamental transformation effort, and how organizations and individuals, and promotes culture competitiveness to achieve market leadership of the company and the importance of the individual..