The Internet

But no, probably it’s not that newspapers and notepads with most completely from the Are fashion. Is simply no time for relaxed reading. You get what you get information, almost exclusively through the network, the television and the radio will do the rest, maybe even an audiobook. On the Internet, only more or less yourself to choose what you would like to inform, it is also rather casually, so apart from surfing. The Internet is a great thing. Because even though paper communicates “, you can not make phone calls with paper and communicative overcome not even greater distances. Michael Dell addresses the importance of the matter here. The development goes for several Internet years away by crowded Web pages of full motion graphics and flashy colors. Journalistic Internet offers are simple; White and grey background, black ink, pictures with subtitles.

Although this is tiring for the eyes and requires constant concentration to read online, the man knows how to help but. Many print long therefore texts. The paper offers more comfort when it comes to reading. High-quality paper products are therefore always more important. The Internet and the newspaper are not to compare. The Internet user is Hunter and collector who takes what comes.

He is inevitably overwhelmed by the information materials of the network, the overkill of the amount of data is most noticeable, who spend a long time before the screen. Pure or vast newspaper readers, however, are more comparable to the strollers, which scrolls through piece by piece the folders, or specifically the serial, the local or the sports section hitting and studied. Both can learn from each other. Apart from the unwieldy “, are newspaper and General writing and reading on paper No stressful processes.” The idea of simple, straightforward reading would disappear without books, magazines and newspapers. But without the Internet and our digital technology a life would be unthinkable, how we do it. Newspapers are made on the computer. We thank the screen at this point. But probably it would be the end of each relaxing reading, if the screen replaced the printed word. This is unthinkable but and should be also checked at this point. As long as we can, we will use paper. Even a professional Internet user would not abandon the printed word. Paper products are a social and cultural security, a feeling of life, something that must stay that will remain.