Venezuelan Industry

Overview, background and considering the characteristics of the current economic scenarios where many business are generated, with the participation of companies offering products, services, encouraging each day to competitive dynamics, has led to new paradigms in administrative where management of the Venezuelan business sector can not ignore it if you really want to guarantee companies a share that benefits them. Venezuelan industry is currently facing serious challenges towards its operation, survival and participation of magnitude equivalent to that faced the pioneers of industrial development for decades, coupled with other factors had not faced as the impact of the action of a State Socialist recognizes, in addition to the effects of globalization with new openings, the economic crisis, global financial.

We are in the midst of a global technological and managerial transition that represents a quantum leap in productivity and quality. It is not technological advances in products or processes one or another industry, such has always been, is developing a powerful set of generic technologies, universal applicability, capable of transforming every industry and all products and to deeply modify the optimal forms of organization of the business and competitive conditions in markets. You can no longer survive, or as a company, or as a country, to traditional levels of productivity and quality. Whatever the coach’s ability to adapt to the new political world stage, the survival and prosperity of enterprises depends on the ability of leaders to take up the challenge of its own modernization. This requires a deep understanding of the characteristics and management of technological change and the nature of globalization in markets.