Action Animal Moved Whole Bird Family To

The two old swans lived Swan drama lietzensee in Berlin Charlottenburg until last Saturday with her 5 young lietzensee in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg in peace and quiet. Action animal had caught one of the young swans 2 weeks ago, as a fish-hook deep put the bird in the leg. Since then, the small animal clinic at Duppel was. “The weekend a very young Swan couple lietzensee suddenly appeared”, he-Ursula Bauer is one of animal action. Park visitors was witness a wild fight between the two male Hockerschwanen, where the local old Swan suffered some however superficial wounds. One of the young Swans was however so long brutalized by the “new-en” and pressed under water until he drowned.

“This behavior may seem cruel to people for us, however, is completely normal in the wild”, Derk Ehlert stressed by the Berlin Senate Administration. Young adult Swan couples are looking for in autumn its own territory, where they can hatch next spring. The Lietzen Lake is due to its central location for swans and obviously the old animals unable successfully to defend their territory and expel the invaders were a desirable breeding grounds. The ruthless course of action of the “new” but was the residents of the Lietzensee ent – left to far – they proceeded to save the Swan family. With great skill and GE Darko, captured the male old Swan and the remaining 4 boys on Sunday and brought them safely under a shed in the Park. “Today we managed to capture even the frightened mother of Swan, who had been hiding in the reeds”, Ursula Bauer tells of animal action. “Together with Mr Ehlert of the Senate Administration and 2 locals we brought the whole bird family to Wannsee”, so the next biologist.

On the way there was still the Genesis now – a young Swan in the Veterinary Clinic in chaff picked up. Reunited the birds could then be released on the Wannsee. “Here there are traditionally large groups of swans and the station pressure is much lower than on a small Waters such as Lietzensee which accommodates only a few”, says Derk Ehlert of the Senate Administration. Ends well – all good? “Local residents are still a little mad at the new Swan pair but we hope that they will soon close the two mute swans in her heart,” says Ursula Bauer action animal. Finally, “Eventually these birds follow only their natural instincts”, so the biologist. Company Description action animal – people for animals is one of the largest animal protection organizations of its kind. The Club aims to operate with unconventional and dynamic methods of effective animal – and nature conservation. Action receives the necessary support animal through its numerous members. It is using the contact person on the spot, the Member care in Berlin, the offices in Munich and Berlin, the specialist outpatient clinic and the partners in whole Germany thanks to, that action animal a great acceptance by other animal welfare organisations and political bodies will be taken. PR contact: action animal – people for animals e.V. Ursula Bauer Kaiserdamm 97 14057 Berlin Tel: 030-30103831 E-Mail: Web:

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