Cape Party

Juan Cotino one of the few times that has no public office, Juan Cotino was on the verge of getting into an official vehicle who believed he had gone to meet him. Steve Wozniak does not necessarily agree. Apologized quickly: is that I forget that I am not now in any institutional post. It is true. By fas or purposefully, in Madrid or in the community, Juan Cotino has more than twenty years without lowering official car. On the other hand, likes, boast of farmer; with possible, Yes, but farmer to the end and Cape.

Valencian scale, many compared with Jaime Mayor Oreja, due its confessionalism. It is true that he has never hidden his double militancy, politics and religious. This places him, inevitably, in the most conservative sector of the PP, current leads and which exerts a considerable influence, murmurs, in many of the decisions of Paco Camps. The same languages added with Rita Barbera, whereas one of the major confortadores of the President in the bitter moments of its procedural activity. That is why, without their presence the ideological attitude of the party Popular would be different. In any case, Cotino is in politics as a sacrificial Act of service, since he is rich’s House, saying the ancient, and does not require any party, like many others, to leave poor.

Joan Calabuig is the typical apparatchick, the professional party saying the old Bolsheviks of yesteryear, with all due respect incidentally. Since he entered the Socialist Youth at age 16 always has gone one Professional post to another carrying the timbre of the PSOE in the mouth. Even so, he had to beat a primary Manuel Mata Extrovert to be the Socialist candidate for the Mayor of Valencia. With that verifies that his party, like everyone else, eventually committed by conventional and predictable people rather than to other more fun and unpredictable and, for major internal danger, capable of earning a living by itself, aside from politics.