Capital Inflation

How will Chile change the mood of investors? Buenos Aires, Argentina on January 27, 2009 the inflationary dynamics in Chile is being weakened thereby increasing expectations that the Central Bank of Chile can again reach its inflation target for end of 2009 and frees him to continue with his cycle of cuts in the benchmark interest rate in order to improve the conditions of the monetary market to support the economy. The President of the Central Bank of Chile, Jose De Gregorio as the Chilean Finance Minister, Andres Velazco, trust will be achieved placing the inflation rate within the range of 2% to 4%. Even the Central Bank of Chile hopes that retail inflation rate is located in 3.1%. c-citi-chase-wells-fargo-us/’>Publishers Clearing House. With inflation prepare again, Bachelet’s Government has the challenge of keeping a good pace of economic growth to prevent the possible slowdown in activity having a negative social impact of significance ahead. For one thing, the situation in which the economy keeps frightened citizens, which is clearly reflected in the behaviour of consumption that are watching.

But returning to the goals set by the Bachelet government, together with the challenge of recomposing the pace of economic growth, the Chilean Government must restore the confidence of investors and do everything possible so that they can realize their projects of investment (in case that wish to do so), including searching for ensuring access to funding for them. It is that the crisis has caused the suspension or postponement of investment projects in Chile for an amount of $17,200 million, as he unveiled the Capital goods Corporation (CBC). Between the months of October and December 2008, according to the CBC, of the 500 projects pending made in Chile within a period of four years which were recorded, 25% of them – 125 projects – were suspended permanently or deferred awaiting better market conditions. . Energy Capital Partners has firm opinions on the matter.