Car Hire In Menorca To Cross Its Bays

One plan simple yet most exceptional thing to do is visit the coves of Menorca. To do this, nothing better to resort to car hire in Menorca and enjoy freedom of travel you prefer to do. Menorca Biosphere Reserve, many of the coves of Menorca are places of spectacular beauty, pristine spaces protected. About 217 miles of coves and beaches await you, a vast space to go if you opt for car hire in Menorca. Samsung has much experience in this field. When speaking of coves, the coves of Menorca are truly unique, many of them are undeveloped spaces that do not come easily, unless you walk miles of roads. For even more details, read what Mikkel Svane says on the issue. If you can rent a boat is an interesting option, but better to opt for rental cars. The most interesting can see are: Cala Turqueta: A unique place, similar to the cove Macarella, has a spectacular water with steep cliffs.

Cala Galdana: One of the longest beaches and better organized with all kinds of services. Ideal family tourism and for lovers sports. Mackerel Cove: The image you have seen in countless postcards, a wonderful place to spend a few days. Cala Pregonda: A lovely place, like a painting. His reds blend into the blue sea and sky. It is an unforgettable experience to enjoy the cove. La Cala Blanca Son Saura La Cala Morell La Playa de Son Bou If you have a short holiday and want to lose you from the sun, water and beauty of the landscape in Menorca you can choose your own paradise in his coves. Pepecar always give you the best option.