Caucasus Mountains

Where in a tan while on vacation? Where can a good 'break' and come to the family nest with a bunch of great emotion, a thick layer of tan and a suitcase filled with memorabilia, brings to mind the finest hours and days spent at the resort? Naturally, in the resort city of Gelendzhik. You will not need to bathe, to get a passport. Ownership is not necessarily the basics of foreign languages. Quite not necessarily change their money into foreign currency. But these are trifles, when correlated with, pleasure that you can get, if you can relax: the Black Sea, Caucasus Mountains, the beautiful sun, diving, jeep tours in the mountains, the city and towns Gelendzhik, fine wine, Gelendzhik, and more.

Of course, tell you about everything you can offer in a relatively small article – is difficult. And if you pay attention to the fact that the number of these proposals is growing constantly, and yet besmyslenno. The city-resort of Gelendzhik – this is the place where a diverse amount of greenery in a meter square can confidently compete with a bank account Gates. Amazing features of the local climate leaves the potential for * the opportunity to swim in the sea of black and tan in October. List all the items 'for', forget about all the cons, cover your eyes, breathe the air and tell all, and especially myself, I'm going to Gelendzhik. Be sure to check whether the rather large 'flash card' in your camera.