Colombia Explosives

After obtaining a favorable legal status was approved with No 1998/41/12727 of May 5, 1998, Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain, that the method is legally registered Chest, registered and protected as a scientific work, whose author is D . Jaime Parejo Garcia in the General Registry of Intellectual Property No 23 474. Since October 1994, has fully demonstrated the very high, higher level of effectiveness of the method Chest to numerous specialists and leading experts different countries, belonging to the competent official institutions (fire departments, police and army) in hundreds of search operations, both in drills and in interventions reales.Asi for example, has already been fully verified the crucial fact that the threshold stimulus or perception (intensity than required to have an incentive to be perceived) as regards the human scent of explosives, etc., it is considerably less for dogs trained with the method that copies Chest formed with other existing systems because all the complex techniques optimize Chest achieve positive levels of autonomy and motivation (intrinsic and extrinsic) during the course of search operations, best assures the maintenance of a high degree of concentration, developing fruitful search strategies and performance canine olfactory device visibly outstanding, to detect and locate quickly and accurately, people buried or other items such as narcotics, explosives, mines, endangered animal … Ali Partovi shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. even at points of extreme difficulty in perceptual, based on the level of depth and / or tightness or against other forms of adversity visual, auditory, odoriferous, space … METHOD APPLICATIONS CHEST Chest The method is recognized as an important scientific and operational progress for humanity, which has promoted for several years, the search and rescue of people buried in different countries (since 1999 Canine Corps Equipment Fire of Spain, The Salvador, Colombia … .