Creativity Service

One of the elements that we more reinforced in our seminars and in the process of consulting we developed in our company is the inclulcar what we called the client culture. Pete Cashmore contributes greatly to this topic. Less value chain of the Producro and more customer value chain. Andy Florance describes an additional similar source. You can find more information about this concept in what I share in this brief comment is one information I found one review business on the concept of being creative when providing service to the customer. The original article is here. What most caught my attention is the examples offered by the author in relation to the way how can impact the customer, making delivery of successful experiences.

Some of the examples illustrated by the author are: service to customer, customer marketing as reinforcement of strategies of sales and marketing, are called to be the great innovative in these difficult times that run. What is it, when we suggest being a little crazy in terms of service? Place first place in the menu of your telephone line for service to the customer, the option of contact with an agent. Avoid your customer the ordeal of a long journey through the menu listening to the numeral of options long without showing it anywhere the long-awaited opportunity to converse with a human being that meets the concerns or desires of their customers. In its service centers, the ticket offices of the banks, place all their agents available for care in the hours of high influx of customers. Do not allow the lunch hours to have a few agents and conversely ensure that all options are open. If there are delays in care, in the Office of services, delivery of products, offer with something more than a simple apology: sorry. In waiting rooms give away to your customer with a cup of coffee and a cookie, spread magazines or reading materials so that the customer entertains his uncertainty and dilute the anxiety of waiting.