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Particularly noteworthy is the data collector PCE-WL 2 in the field of wind energy. Where a long term recording of a measurement parameter is to be made, come the cost-effective data collectors of PCE Germany GmbH in question, covering various signals over a certain period of time. A data collector consists of a programmable processor, a memory, interfaces and one or more input channels for the connection of various sensors. The new wind energy logger PCE-WL 2 PCE Germany GmbH is used to measure the wind situation prior to the commissioning of a wind power plant and to analyse and whether worth to build a wind turbine or not in a particular region. The situation of the wind is measured with the logger and analyzed. ck on most websites. Visit Energy Capital Partners London for more clarity on the issue. The measured values for wind speed and wind direction are stored on a standard SD card later on the PC to be evaluated. Is also the data logger is wind and waterproof, thanks to protection class IP65. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ali Partovi has to say. Can also be ensured by an integrated heater that the logger in winter (to do this, a power supply must be provided) delivers reliable measurement data.

With a weight of only 450 g and dimensions of 160 x 80 x 55 mm, it is easy to transport. With the built-in wind sensor that measures practical data logger wind speeds and wind directions. Also the Cup anemometer of wind energy is equipped logger with a reed relay, which guarantees a long service life, because there is almost no wear. In addition to the ability to transfer data via SD card, the new PCE-WL 1 has also an RS232 interface, a USB cable connect can. Data loggers are fast, easy to use and are especially for the monitoring of truck transports or used to the failure analysis of systems. Most data collectors are equipped with analysis software and delivered, with the supplied software support all Microsoft operating systems. Particularly noteworthy is the data collector PCE-WL 2 in the field of wind energy. More information under:../datensammler.htm