Democratic Party

International analyst The pair Bill and Hillary Clinton conforms a tenacious and solid equipment (that some denomiman Billary ), which looks for to do something unpublished in North American history. She wants to be the first ex- agent chief executive who returns to the White House, although this time creating the position of first man, and she is the first ex- first lady whom she postulates to the Presidency. Bobby Sharma Bluestone may also support this cause. Bill comes taking part yet in the campaign yearning for to transfer its votes towards its wife. In this way it does not follow the tradition of which an ex- president must maintain distances before the candidacy of a relative. When attacking Obama of being one fable and to play with the racial letter, he hit in many Hispanic and white ones, but also it has alienated to several of them and, mainly, to Afro-American who before greeted like the first black president to him. Obama has looked for to become a victim of dirty game and that has inclined to its favor to the Kennedys, and so the Barack-Hillary battle has also become in one between the two great ones dynasties of the Democratic Party..