One of the main factors that affect the environment outside the degradation of biodiversity, the hole in the ozone layer, water degradation and deforestation is the noise, in the following article will try to explain how they affect the environment annoying noises. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ali Partovi and gain more knowledge.. All inappropriate and undesirable sound is noise. The noise is a complex mixture of sounds produced by an auditory sensation considered annoying or dangerous. Noise and vibration can be characterized by its frequency (serious or acute), its noise level (also called intensity) and its duration (short or long). What differentiates a sound noise is the perception that we have. The sound level is measured in decibels (dB). Populations that are concentrated increasingly in cities and especially in the large cities with crowds of people are more exposed to disturbance such as air pollution and noise.

The noise, long designated as a disturbance or even greater than the pollution nuisance, can clearly affect health and, indeed, there are new studies that have confirmed that the noises affect both our well-being as our health, all this is evaluated by measurements of the noise. Noise currently represents the main source of nuisance for populations. Activities, transport, but also the proximity and the lagging of households are participants of this discomfort. Although the measurements were not optimal, incidents on health are beginning to be taken into consideration. Beyond cars and aircraft, frequently cited justificadamnte as generators of noise nuisance, individuals who possess multiple electronic equipment are detrimental to their neighbors without any noise control. In the gardens, the cutting machines, for example.

In the parks and on the ground, leaf blowers vacuums help that annoying noises cease not intensified. Finally, the development of miniaturization tends to introduce in our everyday life increasingly more and more devices, devices whose sound volume directly affects the user, such as musical equipment, mp3, telephones, consoles games, among other readers. I wish we were more aware of the consequences they bring the noises that we ourselves suffer, we should create awareness among our people around and so seek solutions to isolate noise and live in a society with more tranquility.