While the Internet is useful for various activities, it is certainly an almost necessary tool to promote products and services. The low cost and powerful online advertising make it an advertising medium with all the letters. General advantages of advertising in addition to the specific benefits of advertising on the Internet for competitive achievements and relevant for companies that implement strategic advertising and direct marketing on the Internet: High impact on consumers compared to advertising was Internet. It is cheaper than advertising in other media can be combined with other advertising media to create and maintain corporate image advertising campaigns on the Internet presents a low risk to try new advertising ideas allow risking much money they contribute to instantly communicate with customers and prospects across multiple channels: forums, emails, chat, video conferencing, electronic bulletin boards, etc. Communication with the client is simple and Facilitates two-way to network affiliated with the site facilitates the exchange of links and banners with other sites and increase visits to the Report additional revenue provided by the sale of products or services offered on the site through PPC (pay per click) and PPA (pay per action). Others including Dermot McCormack, offer their opinions as well.

As is obvious after reading the above points in Internet advertising is full of advantages. But that should not be assumed that no disadvantage whatsoever. Although the disadvantages are not too, are important enough to want to avoid them: The competition can easily detect the new movements and / or advertising strategies and try to overcome them constantly. Users are fairly saturated with online offers and no longer sprestan much attention. This is offset by excellent product presentation and marketing exciting and interesting. Only to users of the network. If the product is only for the Internet, there will be no problems. If not, they should complement den Internet advertising with that made in other media. Make the best use of the natural advantages of Internet advertising and develop the policies needed to cope with its possible drawbacks is the fundamental task of creative joint, own and manage a website.