Free Hosting Or Shared Hosting

When hiring a web hosting will surely you’ve raised are why I will pay for hosting my website when I stay free? The advantages of having an accommodation free focuses mainly in that you don’t have to pay and that often offer you a series of templates to make your website, so if you have no idea of programming web you can make your own website. The disadvantages are many: intrusive advertising on your website, little technical support, somewhat cheesy or basic designs, limitations when it comes to your website and little space. As a personal recommendation, don’t use free hosting if you have a commercial web page or a page that you want to put advertising. For example, the google adsense terms do not allow put your advertising on sites with free hosting. If you want to take your site seriously and professionally you must buy a web hosting. A visitor to a website littered with advertising not takes seriously that page and goes to another. And, on the other hand, a free web hosting has many limitations: some do not support bases data, space limitations, limitations in speed and a longer charging time. The advantages of having a payment web hosting translates into: possibility of having space and traffic you need, to be able to install any kind of page although they have databases, has no advertising more than where you put you, and more seriously in the face to visitors.

The only downside is that you have to pay for it (the price will vary according to your needs). It is also a glue that does not have installed web templates, but you can download some of internet free of payment, you can create your own website or you can hire a company that does. Another of the advantages of having hosting payment is that, while you pay, nobody can unsubscribe your account for some reason. With a free hosting they can unsubscribe at any time and leave your hung website. Therefore, if you start with a web of amateur and you are entering the world of the internet, a free hosting you better. If you want to take things more seriously it is better to buy a hosting of payment. Original author and source of the Article