Hosts Pipelines

Taps and fittings – a construct that is installed on the pipelines, vehicles, tanks and prepared for flow control of existing fields by varying the through-space profile. Pipeline reinforcement is characterized by two major parameters: the relative and conditional pass pressure. Valves are divided on the next types: Regulatory – fittings, prepared for the regulation of parameters of the operating areas by varying the flow rate. Safety – The valve prepared for the automatic protection of installations and pipelines against unacceptable excess pressure by dumping excess of the current scope. reverse – fittings, prepared for the automatic removal of the backflow current scope.

Valves – valves, combines the destination stop and control valves. Irrevocable-driven – return valves, which can be performed forced open, close or limit opening fixtures. Non-return valves and – return valves, which can be carried out forced closure of valves. Control – fittings, prepared for the control of operating income in the areas of test equipment, units. Distribution and mixing – valves, prepared for the distribution of flow acting on certain areas of current or mixing flows. – valves, prepared to reset the current scope of the tanks, construction of pipelines. – valves, prepared for the separation of the current areas that are in different phase states. Safety – valves, prepared for the automatic protection of machinery and pipelines from harmful or unintended technological procedure, varying the parameters or a course within the applicable scope, as well as off the flow.

Trap – valves, condensate abductor and does not miss or partially overlooking superheated steam. Valves – Fittings, prepared to shut off the flow of the working areas with established integrity. Reduction – valves prepared for umensheniyadeystvuyuschego head of design at the expense of increase the hydraulic resistance in the flowing part. Types of installations valves: Gate valve – the type of reinforcement, which has a locking or regulatory element moves perpendicular to the axis within the applicable scope. Valve – a kind of reinforcement, which has a locking or the valve is moved parallel to the flow of the current scope. Crane – form fitting, in which the shutoff or regulating part has the configuration of the body of rotation or part thereof, is rotated around its own axis, freely located with respect to the direction of flow of the current scope. Butterfly valve – type of fixture in which the locking and regulating element has a configuration circle, rotating round the axis perpendicular or inclined at an angle to the flow of current flow field.