Its the Same in Moscow

“Favorite” is very flexible and mobile in this sense. It attracts all sorts of people to us. With regard to personnel, we have never had a problem with employees our club, that is, We have always been on friendly terms. Now we employ people who are 5-6 years ago have come to us to do. For more clarity and thought, follow up with altavista and gain more knowledge.. Came to girls and young people with special talents that do not differ, but they are very long time walked up to us and learn first how to move, and only then, how to teach dance to others. Thus, they are of the wooden creatures gradually evolved into a super pros who ride now Moscow and abroad for master classes and a fitness convention.

You’re already two years living in Canada, and on posters and flyers club your picture. As if you were not left at all and lead the club as before. This is so because in “Favorite” I put all my heart and now, when I had to leave, the club manages my mom. You could not reveal the secret and tell us about your future plans? Prior to my departure, I managed to open another branch, which specializes in languages. This direction I’m going to develop. This language courses, which run throughout the year based on the same school 56. We are committed to teach English at a basic level, on average, and more advanced, business English. In many similar centers classes are conducted in groups of 10-13 people, and we have groups of 5 persons for the same price.