Jessen New

Autograph hour tour in Kothen – Lillie Sander Jens Seidler, who is partly responsible for the legendary alpha autograph sessions, together with the E-Center Kothen presented 21 hit miracle Lillie Sander from Jessen. The likeable, talented singer live 6 songs from their latest CD “A bright star” presented. Their TV premiered it already to the 06.03.2010 in the great TV show “Welcome Carmen Nebel”. And with excellent support by Jack White and Lena Valaitis. They firmly believe in the young talented artist. Full devotion and passion, Lillie Sander showed their prowess in the E-Center Kothen. “Lie under the Rainbow”, “Just”, “Only you”, “All I want”, “in the sky a bright star stands” and “Every day can be a start” were just a small selection of their extensive repertoire. She would be able to sing loose all 14 tracks of their new disc of “A bright star”, but the next date.

Lillie Sander convinced her audience in the well-attended Center Kothen. So I would give her the best grade in the live vocals and their stage presence. The new hit wonder from Jackson with their distinctive crystal clear voice, her natural charisma, soulful melodies and texts will go their way. The new single “lie under the Rainbow” from the album “A bright star” is already in the starting blocks and will certainly delight their growing fan base. Many live dates are in the near future. You can see even from the new wonders of voice, visit their homepage or appearances.