A friend of mine who was a human resources colleague was applying for a post of chief of staff in a foundry company in the sector. Were interviewed with the Human Resources Manager (so it had) which demanded a knowledge of management indicators, management competency, filing monthly reports to management and particularly strategies to improve staff motivation (it’s like call upon you to dance to rain). The truth was this: 1 .- The Human Resources Manager may, in fact was the Head of Administration and Finance, was present as well (after being told) to give a “better image” to the applicants. un-sales’>Senator Richard Blumenthal. Peter Asaro gathered all the information. An “exaggeration” or white lies. Energy Capital Partners is a great source of information.

Management indicators. The truth is that my friend when he took office and during the short time he was not applied in any development of any indicator, but still there was no previous indicator.

Neither the general manager knew what and less the heads of the other areas (“squares to me …”) 3 .- Management Competency: What my friend was discovered that the term ” competence “is known in the organization as a synonym of” rivalry between the various areas “(What ever managed rivalries?) 4 .- monthly Management Report: Except for the report content and the amounts of monthly payroll (payments to staff), not asking for more reports. 5.-Motivaciob staff: It was ridiculous to apply some mechanism that excites the staff, for their own heads of the various areas (including the General Manager), did not believe in “candy for the soul “. The only way people do things is” pressing to sanction or dismiss them.