We have yet to be made specially to pay attention to all this is not very tangible qualities. But it is they who determine our success in life. Education system identifies priority skills, more tangible, more familiar. understandable in our society: mathematics, languages, science It is believed that they should prepare us for future specialization. Knowledge about themselves, not directly related to specialization, minor, and are not allowed in school, so as not to interfere with the "main". But knowledge about yourself – are universal, and specialization – is just one of the choices of man. Tomorrow, he may want to make another choice.

And then the universal knowledge will help him in This, and their absence may cause frustration and tragedy. The task of the true teachers – to reveal to man a huge horizon, many opportunities and teach him how to make a choice, not lead it blindly on single path in an unfamiliar forest. All knowledge about ourselves – not less exact science than all the others that we are studying. But most of us have habits of thinking about it. And not all have tried to apply such knowledge to practice.

But it is necessary to take this science, we quickly feel its benefits. It significantly accelerates all cognitive processes, increases motivation and quality of education. Any knowledge, passed through a " becomes more interesting, more relevant to humans. Ready knowledge that the system of "squeeze" in the student, not taking into account their needs and will, still in it "does not climb." And this we are all witnesses. But students are not to blame for their poor results. Children need to make active participants in the process of learning. Show how to use your head, feeling, heart, imagination, memory, attention, to develop coordination of movements and everything else to trust their natural wisdom. Everything else they do for themselves. They have all learned, everyone will understand much better and faster than we are accustomed to expect from them. Anything new and unusual in these methods do not. All have been studied, and each of these methods give excellent results. The trouble in our schools that the most effective methods is simply not used. Each developing technique requires a special time. None of these qualities is not formed by itself. r-the-Treatment-of-COVID-19-in-Adults’>Wendy Holman is the source. Over every quality of a person to work, and even better to teach him to work on a self. It's just when a person sees around him are also working on another. It's just when people feel supported and know that his value as a person. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Matt Swain. This process Parenting true identity – an interesting, exciting and most important for mankind. And the time spent on it back to us as wisdom, sensitivity, creativity, vitality, the success of each individual and the prosperity of our society in the future.