The body & beauty lounge in Karlsruhe ensures with the latest technology hairless autumn hair removal is a tiresome topic for many women and more and more men. Shaving is fast, but just as quickly the hair are back. Also, shaving irritates the skin, because at every shave it blends to tiny micro-injuries with the blade, which can ignite also. Ugly pimples occur. The growing hairs often cause an unpleasant itching. What are the alternatives to the shave is it? The body & beauty lounge in Karlsruhe with the site know responses.

If advanced technology for hair removal is mentioned, most people think alike on the laser. But laser treatments are not only expensive, but also painful and it can remain even scars. The IPL technology works much more gentle and completely non-invasive. IPL stands for intense pulsed light”. d like to discuss. Here, the hair are selectively irradiated with (Xenon) light and ultrasound. The surrounding tissue remains completely intact.

Not the hair root is, as often mistakenly assumed, for the hair growth that is responsible, but the dental papilla. It is supplied with nutrients through the subcutaneous blood vessels. Permanent and lasting freedom from hair can be achieved only when working in the field of the papilla, a pure desolation of the hair root”would not suffice. The IPL technology in conjunction with ultrasound starts right here. The nutrient intake of the papilla is disrupted and it comes to a degeneration. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Andy Florance by clicking through. After a few sessions, the skin remains smooth and no more hair to regrow at this point. This is possible due to the so called Photothermolysis. Visible light is absorbed and converted into heat. Dark hair absorb more light than the surrounding skin and the different cell components thereby absorb light differently. Treating it is so on the right wavelength of pulsed light, if one wants to remove hair permanently and selectively.