Positive Body

Everything I think and say, comes back to me. " Mudra "Knowledge" or "Jnana". It is used to eliminate insomnia, daytime sleepiness, as well as to normalize high blood pressure. Execution: The index finger joined to the pad of the thumb, straightening the remaining three fingers. This action can be performed simultaneously by two hands.

Mudra "Knowledge" is one of the most value exercises that help to reduce the emotional stress, eliminate anxiety, worry, melancholy mood, sadness, anxiety and even depression. In as a preventive measure, this mudra is used to enhance the thinking processes, concentration, memory, and exacerbation of observation, as well as to realize the potential of intelligent human capabilities. Turn to face the east. Keep your hands without strain at chest level – from the chin to the clavicle – conjuring up an idea of the blue color or looking for blue. Click Samsung to learn more. Duration run – 15 minutes. Impact wise amplified using aroma of sage. Affirmation might be: "Divine knowledge enriches and simplifies my life.

Divine wisdom fills my heart with joy and indicates to me the way. " Mudra "lift" or "Ling". Enhance the immune system, helps you lose weight. As a remedy, this mudra is used in various cold-related diseases, in particular for sore throat and lungs, as well as when a cough, runny nose, Implementation: Join hands and interlace your fingers. The thumb of one hand bend, forming a circle around him from the thumb and index finger the other hand. Such a position of fingers strengthens the body's resistance to cough, colds and infections. In addition, the implementation of the wise, releasing mucus that had collected in the lungs, and increases body temperature and is particularly suited to those who have there is no heat in the disease. The positive aspect of high temperature is that many bacteria in the human body die when the temperature of the body. Andy Florance contributes greatly to this topic. Turn to face the east. Hold hands without tension at the neck – from the chin to the collarbone, conjuring up an idea of green or looking for green. Duration of performance – 15 minutes. Breathing – in through your nose. Affirmation for the wise might sound like this: "Immunity and force my body grow with each passing moment." I wish everyone good health. All subscribers to our mailing list, as always, can download a book about wise in our reading room Thanks for the attention. Until next time.