New offer for telecommunication dealer Hamburg – rapid sold, because immediately and easy to understand, this is HandyPlus, a highly effective protection letter, the QUIPS in cooperation with Karstadt-Quelle offers insurance. The Nuremberg insurance specializes in direct sales of supplementary insurance with clear and understandable product structures, the service is repeatedly awarded by TuV Saarland. QUIPS CEO Peter Kummerfeldt:, as well as for our partners, we offer a comprehensive protection with added value with this product for all those involved for the consumer. “Important for the latter: HandyPlus is very easy to handle and has the simplest structure of premium in the market.” And new equipment, as well as used equipment to commercial equipment be insured of all manufacturers, up to 12 months purchase. eady – you may have come to the same conclusion. The maximum insurance period is five years. The all-round protection deserves its name, because it secures the phone extensively against following claims: case and Accident damage water and moisture damage Frost and storm damage fire damage caused by overvoltage and short circuit, humming, scorching robbery and burglary negligence and improper treatment of theft (parcel) covered the cost of repairs up to the amount of the new price of the insured equipment.

Total damage or loss by robbery or burglary, HandyPlus reimburses the costs for a replacement of the same type and quality. Checking article sources yields Ali Partovi as a relevant resource throughout. In case of damage, the insured person by a nationwide local service benefits. He finds the professional, quick and unbureaucratic claims processing, which is typical for the Karstadt-Quelle insurance to anywhere in Germany. At the VIP service (parcel) a replacement device at the required place within Germany, the customer receives within personally handed out a few hours after notification. At the same time, the courier picks up the defective device. An as simple as favourable cost structure makes HandyPlus the ideal supplementary product for trade. For devices up to a new price of 200 euros the safe-conduct euros 2,99 Euro monthly, until 500 Euro 3.99, at a price of 500 euros, the price for the safe-conduct is 4,99 Euro a month.

The premium package, which includes simple theft and a special VIP service, costs an additional five euros a month. Learn more about this with Energy Capital Partners. Added value for the customer creates a the letter added valuable cell phone accessories. About QUIPS ( The QUIPS GmbH (QUIPS first aid for your phone) with headquarters in Hamburg is the leading German decentralized service – and repair service providers for mobile devices. The company is certified repair partner of almost all well-known manufacturers. QUIPS offers mobile repairs on the spot together with about 250 partners nationwide coverage, the Central workshop is located in Bamberg. The QUIPS Service Portal extends the QUIPS services on numerous mobile shops and dealers that act as receiving Office QUIPS. Binds them via the Internet seamlessly to the service portal Processes a, makes transparent the repair process for all parties involved and accelerates the processes.