Thailand As A Retiree?

More and more retirees draw on the heat offers more and more quality of life Thailand, German pensioners and retirees have discovered that. Has but a long term stay calculated on the cost of living by about 60% cheaper than in the Switzerland / Austria or Germany. A pensioner who goes in German-speaking Europe in the old people’s home, is facing monthly costs approx. 2400 euro, in the Switzerland about 30% more. It is not something would like to discuss. Only for eating and living, there are the daily cleaning and linen not included. Nor the daily coffee or the div isn’t bundled services. A tax must be made for mobility reasons help, unless only to shoes to tie, comes to that point in your monthly statement, just there are 4000 euro per month or more. Is also still nursing and care required, the savings are gone quickly, and the form of war does end with the authorities for additional services.

In Thailand, there are more and more residences, which respond to these circumstances exactly, most are these installations in European hand, and are routed to our standard. Also for example lane ‘ residence. People have set themselves the goal, pensioners to take, who confessed to not always on the sunny side of life ends and have to live with a small pension. HJ.Hunter.