The Patient

It is very likely to have made a comment that I should never do, since I have not respected the privacy of the patient, "said the volunteer ashamed .- I guess that will pretty angry with me when they learn of this error. Others including, offer their opinions as well. "Do not worry about that," Ruth said quietly as he passed his hand over his shoulder, a "I will not tell anyone. I promise. It will be our secret. Now tell me what you know about my son. "I'm sorry ma'am," said the young a "I am very grateful not to tell anyone about my mistake, but I can not give any information about him. His daughter fell asleep asking me to wake up if there was any news about him.

There are many people who are admitted without names. Many are in operating rooms. I have heard that all persons admitted to the hospital unconscious, which are many, had no documentation with them, but she gave us a description of the clothes and we looked at all those who were or had left the surgery but remained unconscious and neither complied with these descriptions. It remains to find gsdl a .. gsdl a .- – Where? Where? Ruth said as she clutched both hands.

Suddenly, realizing what I wanted to tell you, put both hands to his mouth and he almost inaudible sigh a . Not in the morgue you mean it? -. "Sorry ma'am.