Film Heating

The heating element is laid in parallel, with an interval of 10-20 cm under the cable is laid a layer of thermal insulation, prevent the loss of heat. Top of all that is poured a layer of cement mortar of thickness 2-5 cm power cable is supplied to the thermostat. Thermostat – the only visible part of the system. Coffee floor heating is by far the dominant. It is much easier to install and more reliable in technical terms.

Surface of the heating system running on electricity, flooring laid is not recommended. Such system, unlike vodotsirkulyatsionnoy quickly heats the floor, which leads to corrosion of the flooring. When laying the flooring over the "warm floor" should take into account the thickness of the hardwood planks. The optimum thickness – 13-15 mm. Parquet 10 mm thick can not be used and the thickness of 20 mm is different too low heat transfer. This can lead to an increase in heat consumption. The use of devices floor heating usually leads to bias and gaps in parquet flooring.

In this case, you must perform a double bonding, as described above. When installing flooring over underfloor heating devices must use a barrier – a polymer film-insulator thickness of 0.2 mm. The film should be laid as close as possible to the parquet floor. When laying the flooring on top of heating system in each room should have its own floor, which ends in the field of doorways. For a couple of days before laying a parquet floor heating system must be disabled. Once the floor is laid, the heating system once again turned on. After turning on the heating system of its power should be increased gradually. Fast increase in temperature in the room with freshly hardwood floors lead to the deterioration (peresushke) parquet and cracking. Sometimes arose; aet need to lay flooring in the room is not exactly suitable conditions. Under floor may be located a cold basement. In such cases, the insulating properties of the flooring can add additional insulation. Introduction to the floor construction of additional layers of thermal insulator (eg, sheet cork or fiberboard) successfully solves this problem. But sometimes faced with a situation where a parquet floor in a screed for one reason or another have been hot water pipe or laid on the previously compiled water heating system design. On the parquet laying on the warm floor, we have discussed above. I would like to remind you that you should carefully select all materials, paying attention to the maximum allowable positive temperature of specifications. Many glues, varnishes and mastics are not designed for values higher than 50 C. Their use at higher temperatures can sometimes cause degradation of properties, degradation of materials with separation, in particular, gases, which in turn may affect the integrity of the sexes. Tree in such conditions, crack, warp, crack. Sometimes there is cracking and rupture of the lacquer coating. Somewhat improve the situation will help arrangements for a more even distribution of heat under the floor. For this example, use a porous insulating material covered with foil, or similar material in combination with foil. Among the most common defects of parquet floors that occur during their operation, are the cracks between riveting and bulging and buckling hardwood floors. The presence of small hair cracks between the elements of the parquet floor, as Typically, during the winter heating season is normal and due to low humidity indoors.

Pipe Fittings

In the armature, as well as in other industries, uses technical terms that reflect the specifics of this industry. To date, some of them are already widely used, others still need to be refinements and testing practices. For example, there is now the terms "conditional" and "conditional" everywhere replaced by "nominal" and "nominal." Continuous expansion of the scope of the valves causes the new terms and definitions. Pipeline valves – devices that are mounted on pipes, boilers, machines, units, tanks and other facilities intended to manage the flow of media by turning off pipelines or their parts, components, equipment, etc., the distribution of flows in the desired direction, control various environmental parameters (pressure, flow, composition, temperature, etc.), release medium to the required direction, etc. Flow control is performed by changing the cross-section of the working body fittings. Pipe and fittings divided into industrial, plumbing and laboratory.

Industrial valves fittings can be general purpose and special – for the special conditions of work. Armature is a general-purpose valves used in various areas of the economy. On functional purpose valves divided into the following classes: control valves, control valves, distribution valves, relief valves, safety valves, fazorazdelitelnaya fittings. Shut-off valve designed to block flow. It is the most widely used and number of units used is usually about 80% of all used items. To shut off valves and include a test-bleed or drain valve control that is used to test the level of fluid in the tanks, sampling, venting from the upper cavity, drainage, etc. In addition to the basic classes of pipeline valves are the following intermediates: Valves, mixing valves, pilot valves, drain. DF Gurevich, "Valves: A Reference Guide"

Broken Dishwasher

We are all accustomed to the fact that machines facilitate our work, saving time, electricity, water, and our strength. Technique refines our work and our leisure time, this also applies to dishwashers. But what if the dish machine is still broken? Certainly apply to us, we will help you not only choose a new 'dishwasher', but also help with delivery. Crisis in the country and often a private person is not "afford to" repair the dishwasher, and use is not cheap cost. Hence, roll up your sleeves and start washing dishes by hand. Several recommendations that are simple, from the people.

For the home: – Dishes better wash detergent liquid vehicle – get faster. – Liquid detergent equipment must not be very liquid, then flow it will not be great. But you'll notice that the dish remains a gray patina. And that means we need to use abrasive cleaners. – The best tool for washing dishes – it's laundry soap. It is this simple and cheap means of the least secure, most economical and best of all, "whiter" launder dish.

– Lovely Ladies, before you wash up, apply hand cream, then put on thin cotton gloves and rubber on top. So you get a wonderful warming mask for the hands, the more that can be increased and the water temperature, and it's easier to wash dishes. Even if you feel this inconvenient, it is better used than to pour Tears for "" skin. In case there is no cream, use any vegetable oil, just remember that it is rubbed into wet skin.