OSB Tiles

At this point we look at a sample with mild shingles. So, on a crate, we will install panels OSB. On this roof slabs were used with thickness of 10 millimeters. In this regard, the board went to crate 30mm. Further.

Most of OSB have dimensions 125 * 250 cm under any number of OSB sheathing packed 5-Series – a joint board, as well as 3 – in the center of the slab. From this information and calculate the number of rows of crates, and the total number of forest. Significantly, to the horizontal joints of slabs fell on the center of the board. In such an embodiment may optimally and of course, hard to squeeze the joints. I note that the first is preferable to fill the ranks exceptionally low sheathing. In this You will receive a variant on the slope of the stairs ready for installation of insulation. Under the fully finished crate pretty embarrassing slip cotton.

By the way, I see an example of a pie without roof waterproofing (as specified in version, it is optional.) But this means that until the evening to close the ramp. Alternatively, if starts to rain, heat insulation must be removed and discarded. In the case that if you cook ramps under metal roofing – the use of waterproofing is inevitable. Condensation on the metal still has not been canceled. As you know, the top cover of shingles involves laying underlay cover (to get the most out of evroruberoid budget option). In general, the steep slopes without installing a carpet underlay. Using the technology, enough to shelter and Allen Cornice overhang. But in this version, at the request of the client, a solid fit evroruberoid carpet. Pay attention to the need for installing curtain rods and end. Technology laying roofing felt under bitumku pretty simple – the band rolls along the eaves, and fasten it with staples staples. Must note that in the whole valley is superimposed band of the substrate, along the valley. Then proceed to laying concrete roof tiles. First, mount the starter strip. In other types of tiles, it is separately. In most cases, in the form of strips is used starting with the usual tile cut petals. Installation of tiles made in accordance technologies. I will not dwell on it. Quite up to me and wrote. I want to focus a note on nails. To lay the shingles are applied special, coated with zinc nails with a wide hat. They should buy from suppliers of tile. Shingles fills in rows until we come on until 15-20 cm to the top of the line roofing material. Then we plot the subsequent strip, and continue to fill the tile. And so to the ridge. Remember the under-roof space ventilation device. It exists 2 kinds – ridge, and also a point. At this point I just do not go into detail. Do not forget only about her need. About laying horses and ventilation device I'd probably tell you in person. At the time I build a roof under bituminous tiles, and I will have pictures available of these actions. I'll post them together with special articles. And you still have the opportunity to delve into the network, these processes are, in principle, are mentioned in most areas. For Sim, let me leave. Successful construction. Notes – a commentary (this benefit is available on the comments page), or the appropriate form to communicate.

Helly Hansen

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In addition, 100 euro vouchers will be raffled among all new registrations every month 5 x. Registrations are possible via the homepage of the designer outlet Roermond as well as locally in the shops and the Centre information. Designer brands of 30 – 70% off. Sports & outdoor weeks in the designer outlet Roermond from March 08 until 05 April 2010 facts & figures was the designer outlet Roermond in November 2001, just five kilometres behind the german Dutch border opened. Based on the architecture of the Meuse it loads to the shopping spree in relaxed an elegant atmosphere. The largest designer outlet of the german Dutch space offers a week its many visitors on 7 days, 363 days a year, not only fashion and accessories, but also cosmetics, sporting goods and household goods and home textiles.

Kathrin Symens

Fanny and Klaus splendor create exhibition at the Orangerie, new garden Potsdam your furniture collages”with qualified sense of the historical element, originality and great attention to detail. Old pieces of furniture such as dressers, headboards of beds, nightstands, closet doors combined with modern buildings, areas and partly coloured recast: always still functional, caused individual objects with a very particular charm. There, in the Middle, a kitchen cabinet is sawed apart, erected the two elements opposed, and reconnected through a new wash-like showcase. So something new arises, without denying the original furniture. As a skilled Carpenter as well as as architect with many years teaching at the University of Hanover, Klaus splendor is the preservation of the historic at heart. “The obtaining of protection architecture connects to preserve old-fashioned come and lived off” pieces of furniture, the they innovate “call. With the invitation to this Exhibition thanked the friends of Prussian palaces and gardens for the long-standing commitment of the Prachts for the restoration of a pavilion in Potsdam-Sanssouci and the frederician hedge Theater at the new Palace, which has documented Klaus splendor with numerous drawings. Thanks but in addition to the Club of also of the Foundation of Prussian palaces and gardens. So were not only from their fixed location in Quedlinburg, the work brought to Potsdam, but also of the Orangerie room equipped with a curtain and landing pads and thus awarded a special, color-matched frame the works on display. “” “” Plant launches August 3, 15:00: it started with a sawn kitchen cabinet “Klaus splendor on the development of a random idea to the exhibition of his collages of furniture” August 24, 15:00: from the unloved heirloom to the design object: Klaus splendor provides the construction of his collages of furniture “before and gives tips for interested Innovierer” Opening hours: Tue Sun 11 am 6 pm, admission free Kathrin Symens

Distinction Design

In the adventure of the design Web all we looked for to create excellent sites, that they distinguish and they project a defined and professional personality, like obtaining it, is the great question that all we become. Although an absolute prescription does not exist that creates distinction to us in any type of site, if we can put in practice a series of considerations that approached to us to create the conceptual conditions of the design to define a defined and professional personality. I leave them with 12 of the characteristics that my experience has marked to me as which they to a great extent define the personality of a Web. Header interesting One second opportunity does not exist to cause one first great impression and, header is first that our visitors will see. Header has the mission to give the graphic sense to our interface, to brighten to us in making a good design of him, will cause that we manage to captivate from a beginning our visitors, in addition, is of the components of the design that more influence in the identity of a Web site, so it enters more attractive is, greater distinction we will manage to project. Creative design of background Like header many sites base their visual impact on the creative design of their bottoms of page, some with sophisticated images and of one only piece, other elegant and precise ones and, others more with creative games of patterns that they look for to project a visual harmony in the interface. The personality of a Web can be perfectly commanded by the good use treated bottoms, because they are a resource that by its dimensions, makes possible the visual transmission of a conceptual identity of the site. An attractive composition Although the first criterion for the design of our composition (it forms in which they are organized our body of contents) must be, to look for the greater possible functionality in the presentation of our contents, also we must try that it tells on creative diagramado that generates focal points defined and showy.


There are no limits to creativity Capriccio is colored PuTTY plaster can be enriched individual clay structures and effects. Dettelbach, the December 14, 2009: That clay is a residential healthy building materials, many know. Less well known, however, is: coloured clay plasters there ready mixed and they are very easy to handle. The tried and true properties associate the finished plaster from the House of Lesando with the requirements of modern wall decoration of the building material clay. Lesando Capriccio is a fine-grained clay PuTTY plaster in one – or multi-colour application for processing.

The trowel plaster allows a variety of different surfaces (reverse sweeps, finely smoothed, rustic, etc.). The effects are achieved through different processing, partly through the blending of natural chemicals (minerals, fibers, wood chips). Despite its low thickness Capriccio clay PuTTY plaster renders all positive properties of clay, which improve the room climate: clay has the regulatory capacity, Humidity to record and also to surrender. Bind pollutants from the air and creates a unique environment that simultaneously antibacterial, pest-resistant and odour-neutralising effect. Capriccio there in 113 colors are no limits the colour and surface design. During the mixing and processing even Lesando linked centuries old knowledge with current techniques of consumer-friendly processing.

Like in the days of the old masters, the colors are only dry mixed and supplied in powder form. This offers two advantages: the plasters are unlimited life as a dry powder and it can be dispensed with completely the addition of solvents or chemical preservatives. As for the handyman, only arises through the mixing of water, a purely ecological and at the same time easy-to-handle consistence. With appropriate surface preparation, clay plaster can be processed on conventional substrates. Almost 80% of the coloured clay plasters are used to conventional gypsum board. Allow handymen can first befriend the material, Lesando regularly offers practical workshops for everyone about his partner. Who steps first as a photo gallery or video want to look at, found under easily understandable descriptions. (rs/lesando)