OSB Tiles

At this point we look at a sample with mild shingles. So, on a crate, we will install panels OSB. On this roof slabs were used with thickness of 10 millimeters. In this regard, the board went to crate 30mm. Further.

Most of OSB have dimensions 125 * 250 cm under any number of OSB sheathing packed 5-Series – a joint board, as well as 3 – in the center of the slab. From this information and calculate the number of rows of crates, and the total number of forest. Significantly, to the horizontal joints of slabs fell on the center of the board. In such an embodiment may optimally and of course, hard to squeeze the joints. I note that the first is preferable to fill the ranks exceptionally low sheathing. In this You will receive a variant on the slope of the stairs ready for installation of insulation. Under the fully finished crate pretty embarrassing slip cotton.

By the way, I see an example of a pie without roof waterproofing (as specified in version, it is optional.) But this means that until the evening to close the ramp. Alternatively, if starts to rain, heat insulation must be removed and discarded. In the case that if you cook ramps under metal roofing – the use of waterproofing is inevitable. Condensation on the metal still has not been canceled. As you know, the top cover of shingles involves laying underlay cover (to get the most out of evroruberoid budget option). In general, the steep slopes without installing a carpet underlay. Using the technology, enough to shelter and Allen Cornice overhang. But in this version, at the request of the client, a solid fit evroruberoid carpet. Pay attention to the need for installing curtain rods and end. Technology laying roofing felt under bitumku pretty simple – the band rolls along the eaves, and fasten it with staples staples. Must note that in the whole valley is superimposed band of the substrate, along the valley. Then proceed to laying concrete roof tiles. First, mount the starter strip. In other types of tiles, it is separately. In most cases, in the form of strips is used starting with the usual tile cut petals. Installation of tiles made in accordance technologies. I will not dwell on it. Quite up to me and wrote. I want to focus a note on nails. To lay the shingles are applied special, coated with zinc nails with a wide hat. They should buy from suppliers of tile. Shingles fills in rows until we come on until 15-20 cm to the top of the line roofing material. Then we plot the subsequent strip, and continue to fill the tile. And so to the ridge. Remember the under-roof space ventilation device. It exists 2 kinds – ridge, and also a point. At this point I just do not go into detail. Do not forget only about her need. About laying horses and ventilation device I'd probably tell you in person. At the time I build a roof under bituminous tiles, and I will have pictures available of these actions. I'll post them together with special articles. And you still have the opportunity to delve into the network, these processes are, in principle, are mentioned in most areas. For Sim, let me leave. Successful construction. Notes – a commentary (this benefit is available on the comments page), or the appropriate form to communicate.